The 2022 Parks Needs Assessment Plus (PNA+) final report is now available. This includes the executive summary, full report, and various appendices.

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Download the PNA+ Technical Appendices using the links below:

Appendix A Individual Regional Study Area Profiles:

Appendix B Individual Rural Study Area Profiles:

Appendix C Technical Resources

Appendix D Case Studies

Appendix E Survey Results

Appendix F Visitorship Reports


Note: Previously called the Regional and Rural Edition (RRE) to emphasize its focus on regional and rural recreation needs and priorities, the 2022 Parks Needs Assessment Plus (PNA+) builds on the 2016 Countywide Parks Needs Assessment (PNA). RRE was used during the data collection, and community engagement and outreach phases which occurred primarily in 2021. As this report was being completed in 2022, DPR decided to rename the project the PNA+ to clarify and better communicate that this project complements and offers new information not previously included in the 2016 PNA, such as mapping and analyses related to population vulnerability, environmental benefits, environmental burdens, and priority areas for environmental conservation, environmental restoration, regional recreation, and rural recreation. Please note that there remains some text and graphic references to the RRE in the documents because that was the project name when some components of this study were completed.