Parks Needs Assessment Plus (PNA+)

Adopted by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on December 6, 2022, the Parks Needs Assessment Plus (PNA+) is a focused update to the 2016 Los Angeles Countywide Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment (PNA) and serves as the County’s 30×30 strategy for land conservation and restoration.

This report builds on the PNA by providing a more in-depth and nuanced understanding of 1) the distribution of environmental benefits and burdens within the County, 2) park access and need considerations for regional parks and open spaces and 3) park needs that are specific to the rural areas of the County.

Disclaimer: The PNA+ is an informational and aspiratonal document. Priority areas for environmental conservation and restoration are identified by overlaying and scoring based on existing publicly accessible data layers. The mapping and analysis conducted are not parcel-specific and are intended to provide countywide and region-wide perspectives on where environmental benefits and burdens are concentrated and where conservation and restoration efforts should be prioritized. As PNA+ is not a regulatory document, it will not result in additional requirements or changes to approved land use entitlements and permits. Furthermore, implementation of PNA+ will require further analyses and actions that are not within the purview of the PNA+ Final Report.