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Interactive Map Viewer and Data

The PNA+ inventory and analysis of parks and open space in Los Angeles County generated many maps and new data points. These maps and data are available to the public in two formats: an interactive map viewer and as downloads for use with GIS software.

The data herein is for informational purposes, and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying intents. The County of Los Angeles reserves the right to change, restrict, or discontinue access at any time. All users of the maps presented on or deriving from any LA County REST URLs agree to the “Terms of Use” outlined on the County of LA Enterprise GIS (eGIS) Hub (

Interactive Map Viewer

By clicking the ‘Map Viewer’ button below, users can explore selected maps generated during the PNA+. The site allows users to zoom in to any area of the County in order to look at information in more depth. No special software is needed to use this map viewer.

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The County’s Enterprise GIS site hosts all data generated as part of the PNA+.

Enterprise GIS Data Portal