We all need space to roam!

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation is conducting a comprehensive study to understand and document the need for regional facilities like beaches and lakes, natural areas and open spaces, regional parks, and trails, and the park needs of the rural parts of the County.



This study is all about Equity. We want to:

  • Ensure that everyone has access to our beaches and lakes, open spaces and natural areas, regional parks, trails, and parks and recreational facilities in rural areas, regardless of race, social class, gender, disability status, or other characteristics.
  • Collect data and provide analysis that will inform planning and decision-making to ensure that park resources are distributed more equitably and that all communities will be able to enjoy the full range of benefits offered by parks and recreational facilities.
  • Create opportunities for meaningful dialogues and connections among people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Develop an inclusive, accessible, and transparent process for public engagement and decision-making.


A variety of concurrent efforts are occurring in 2021. Data is being collected and refined while preliminary community engagement efforts are underway. There will be rounds of public engagement as data is refined and analyzed to assess regional and rural needs. A variety of digital surveys, workshops and social media polls will garner public input through spring and summer, and preliminary reports on findings will be completed in Fall 2021.